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Dean has been writing poems since he was 15. He loves making people laugh and continues his passion through to his films and his social network posts. He's all about making life better.

His first volume of poems appeared on indie label Wrecking Ball Press in 2016 and he's now released another two equally-popular books. He's currently working in his first novel "Don't F**k With Me, I've Got Friends In The Bronte Society.' 

Dean worked as a postman for 20 years in Hull and then London, where he was a much-liked friendly face on his Islington patch. He now lives in Withernsea on the East Yorkshire coast and his daily beach walks provide both the inspiration for his hugely-popular Pebble of the Day Twitter posts and the time and space to dream up new poems. 

He travels mainly by bus, visiting various Yorkshire towns and villages and seeking out bargains in charity shops. 

As well as poetry, Dean paints. They're mainly simple, naive, even cartoonish images which complement his gentle rhyming poems.  And also he's formed a lauded partnership with filmmaker Dave Lee which has resulted in dozens of films of his poems and two short films based on Dean's life and art.

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