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DeanWorld concerts return with the DeanWorld Valentine's Variety Show. As usual, we can't tell you who will be performing alongside Dean because we like to keep it a surprise but, believe us, we've arranged one hell of a line-up. Expect poetry, comedy, music, bingo and (a first for DeanWorld) a little bit of nudity!

Venue is the back room of Toastie on Whitefriargate. What looks like a cafe from the front is actually hiding a fully functioning concert room at the rear. This gig will be one of the first they've had there and fits perfectly with the DeanWorld ethos of trying to make each gig different and intriguing.

Tickets are £12 (plus booking fee) and available on Eventbrite. Either search DeanWorld on the site or click HERE to be redirected. Tickets are limited and the event is only one night, so please buy early to avoid missing out. 


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